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Announcements and Press Releases

Below are sample announcements and press release, just fill in the necessary information 


Announcement for Advisors of Truelytics Partnership

Subject: New Valuation, Scorecard and Benchmarking Tool available to All EnterpriseName Advisors

EnterpriseName has partnered with Truelytics to offer you access to their leading Advisor Transition Management platform,

a comprehensive advisory platform that gives companies like the flexibility to keep moving forward in times of transition.  Mergers, acquisitions, and personnel changes can become opportunities for new direction rather than costly derailments.

Easily monitor, analyze, and act on the financial, client, and practice management characteristics that contribute most to your success.

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We are excited to offer you access to this exciting service. [Next steps: A demo will be held on xxx day to introduce you to the platform and show you how to begin; a webinar will be offered, an introductory session will be held at our conference . . .].


Sample Press Release - Announcing Truelytics

Possible Titles: 

EnterpriseName has partnered with Truelytics to introduce their cutting edge Advisor Transition Management platform.


EnterpriseName adds Truelytics to its suite of advisor support offerings to help advisors grow and manage their practices.


EnterpriseName is updating its offerings for advisors to address the critical issues that both new and old advisors are facing.



EnterpriseName remains committed to ensuring that our advisors have access to the most accurate, timely and insightful transition management software for helping manage their practice and improve their valuation. To that end, we have partnered with Truelytics to provide a comprehensive scorecard and valuation tool to all of our advisors.  

The Truelytics Advisor Transition Management platform were developed in response to the significant challenges advisors face when attempting to accurately measure their success, plan for succession, and improve their bottom line.  “Unfortunately, in our industry many advisors don’t think of themselves as business owners and therefore don’t focus on growing their practice’s productivity, efficiency or plan for increasing their valuation for a future merger, acquisition or aggregation. Today we remove all barriers to understanding the current value of their business. Even better, we continue to improve the Truelytics product so it’s easier than ever to take action to grow that value over time,” said Jeremi Karnell, CEO of Truelytics.

The Truelytics Advisor Transition Management platform includes:


The core component of Truelytics’ Advisor Transition Management Platform is their growing database of 7,000+ independent financial advisory firm books of business (i.e., details around the firm’s ownership, staff, clients, processes, revenue, and expenses.) This data a generates over 50 KPIs related to a firm’s business, client, and revenue stability. Their TruePerformance Indices and KPIs make up the industry’s first ever business health record to be leveraged for practice management and during key transitional moments. Key features include:

Truelytics eValuation

  • Four different valuation methodologies and multiple scenarios
  • Transparency of valuation drivers and the magnitude of the valuation lift that operation changes would yield

Business Intelligence Scorecards with over 50 KPI’s

  • Key business, efficiency and valuation metrics to actively manage and improve business productivity

Pro-Forma Financial Reports

  • Five year forecasts to support budget and cash flow decisions, as well as investment evaluations

Benchmarking against peers and the industry

  • Comparisons of key metrics vs firms with similar asset levels, as well as the entire industry
  • Enable advisors to identify and act on the financial, client, and practice management attributes that contribute most to success.


TrueContinuity is an emergency continuity locker where financial advisory firms can easily store designated continuity contacts, additional key contacts, documents, and technology information in a secure digital vault. Wealth Management enterprises utilize TrueContinuity as a best practice to ensure that firm's dealing with an unplanned succession event has all of the tools they need to continue to service its customers. Key features include:

  • Secure digital vault to store contacts, agreements, and action plans
  • Truelytics eValuation Metrics tied to the vault and recorded in a ledger at time of activation
  • Mobile and email alert automation to identified continuity contacts


TrueMatch supports advisors planning succession or growth through M&A to find perfect opportunities. Key features include:

  • Private marketplace for enterprises
  • Private & public profiles
  • Algorithmic matching
  • Private in-app meeting rooms
EnterpriseName is now providing the Truelytics Advisor Transition Management platform to all of their advisors on a complimentary basis and will be leveraging it to actively help advisors better understand, measure, value and grow their businesses.  [Quote from EnterpriseName “Advisors will be able to better see where they are succeeding and where they are falling short” . . . “Our practice managers will now be able to better help advisors identify the advisory best practices that, if adopted, will contribute the most to each advisor’s long-term value.” . . . “We can now help advisors better manage the succession planning process” . . . “EnterpriseName is continuously expanding our advisor practice management support tools to help our advisors continue to grow and succeed” . . .]

About EnterpriseName

About Truelytics

Truelytics is a B-to-B Enterprise SaaS startup located in Boston. Their Advisor Transition Management Platform is the first end-to-end data-driven system to help wealth management and insurance enterprises attract, retain, and support advisory businesses while also reducing time and costs related to transitions. For more information, visit www.truelytics.com