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The Truth Is In The Analytics...


Truelytics is the leading business intelligence platform for Wealth Management enterprises to measure advisor performance, empower practice management, and benchmark success.



Welcome To
Truelytics 2.7


Since we introduced Truelytics v2.0 last July, there has not been a more anticipated release than v2.7. With the introduction of preEVAL™, we have completely re-envisioned our on-boarding process. Beyond that, we have rolled out three new homepage dashboards, and embedded three corresponding overview videos within the application.



Truelytics Podcast Series

 The Valuations podcast is designed to help financial advisors and wealth management firms increase the value of their businesses by sharing insights and data from Truelytics.

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Business Intelligence
At Your Finger Tips

Truelytics focuses advisors and practice managers on key areas of the advisor’s business that require support while offering wealth management executives the ability to stack rank and benchmark how current and/or prospective advisors perform across 50 critical KPIs both internally as well as against the marketplace.


The Power of Knowing

Our tools combine real industry experience and big data that empower Financial Advisors, Practice Managers, and Wealth Management Executives.




Gain deep insight to how you stack up to industry peers and identify growth opportunities



Practice Managers

Harness the power of the industry’s top consultants packaged into technology you can utilize daily





Take the guesswork out of determining what drives your enterprise value

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Data That Matters, Data You Can Trust

The foundation of our technology is based on performance data captured across our extensive client portfolio; state of the art Key Performance Indicators; and proprietary Investment Banking formulas. The result:  Moneyball  for IBDs, OSJs, Custodians, and Large RIAs.

Business Stability Score - Reflects the structure and operations of your firm.

Client Stability Score - Reflects the demographics and turnover of your client base.

Market Stability Score - Reflects the amount of market risk inherent in your revenue streams.


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