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 Multi-Office RIAs, Small IBDs, OSJs
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Frequently Asked Questions

We are involved in M&A transactions within our industry and we wanted an independent tool to value our firm and the firms we are speaking to.

Tom Orecchio
Modera Wealth Management

“I subscribe to the concept of “what gets measured gets done” so for any advisor focused on organic growth having a mechanism to understand how they can effectively drive enterprise value by leveraging a mechanism that captures the quality of earnings and the sustainability of the revenues is critical. Truelytics offers that very mechanism.”

Adam Antoniades 
CEO, Cetera

"Being able to personally model different numbers and scenarios for my practice by entering the data myself into the Truelytics system gives me a hands-on tool that can help me understand the gravity of business decisions and outcomes, and I see the results immediately. Additionally, when I’ve had questions, I’ve gotten incredibly fast responses from the Truelytics team."

Tom Barton
Wells Fargo FiNet