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Truelytics 2.9.1
There are plenty of great new capabilities and enhancements in Truelytics 2.9.1 to keep everyone smiling.  For Enterprise Users, we've added in-app Attribution Promotion, OSJ Benchmarking, and TrueRecruit: Marketing. 



Questions? ...

We have selected some of our most frequently asked questions and listed them for easy access. Select one of the links to view the questions and answers for that topic.

We understand that some firms are young or that there can be issues getting access to historic data on occasion.  Put in as much historic information as you have and don't forget to add in details on how fast your firm is growing in the Revenue section.  These numbers will be taken into consideration in pro-forma cash flow projections.  

For most advisory firms, the Truelytics eValuation model will identify tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in "potential valuation impacts" based on over 40 key performance indicators.  These impacts indicate areas where the firm is leaving money on the table according to the marketplace.  These can include dozens of issues ranging from whether or not the firm has an emergency continuity plan in place, to the average age of clients, to how the business is utilizing or not utilizing technology.

Truelytics compares the answers provided by the firm, takes into consideration the firm's AUM, revenue and margins and then assesses the firm's current status against what the market says it values in the M&A process to deliver potential impact scores.  Not only does this provide Truelytics subscribers with an indication of where they can add value to their business, but it delivers a clear indication of the projects the firm should focus on and why.

Financial Advisory firms are almost universally categorized as a nano-cap company.  As a small business that means that they are already discounted versus a public company peer at a starting rate of -21%.  From there, the Truelytics eValuation adds up to an additional 5% discount in each of the three primary categories in the platorm (Business Stability, Client Stability and Market Stability) based on a Firm's scores.  This leads to a potential discount percentage that ranges from a minimum of 21% to a maximum of 36%.  

Truelytics takes the most likely discount rate and then provides a range of potential valuations based on EBOC (earnings before owner's compensation) that takes into consideration possible variations in the discount rate and applies that against historic cash flow.  The platform also provides paying subscribers with three additional alternative valuation models, including a multiple of revenue, a multiple of EBITDA and a multiple of EBOC.

The Truelytics Score is an easy to understand score on a scale of 1 to 4 (think College GPA), that takes into consideration all aspects of a firm's business stability, client stability and market stability grades and boils them down into a single number.

This score can be considered an industry-standard snapshot of how a firm's operational processes are driving it towards success and also an indicator of where it has room to improve both in terms of valuation and revenue.