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Truelytics Advisor Transition Management Platform


Practice Management

The core component of Truelytics’ Advisor Transition Management Platform is our growing database of independent financial advisory firm books of business (i.e., details around the firm’s ownership, staff, clients, processes, revenue, and expenses.) This data allows us to generate over 50 KPIs related to the firm’s business, client, and revenue stability. Our eValuation Indices and KPIs make up the industry’s first ever business health record to be leveraged for practice management and during key transitional moments.

For Ongoing Advisors & Firms

Our continually updated platform allows financial advisory practices and wealth management firms to easily analyze their operating and portfolio dynamics against key performance metrics, and to take objectively informed actions to optimize management efficiency, deliver a better and more profitable client experience, and maximize the market value of their businesses.

For Sellers, Buyers & Successors

Using our technology and industry guidance as the framework for success, Sellers, Buyers and Successors will strengthen their negotiating position. Sellers will benefit financially and strategically when using Truelytics to prepare their business for eventual sale. Buyers will gain improved leverage and make more informed decisions by having the data they can trust to their advantage.


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Our Secret Sauce ...

Our suite of  eValuation™ Index Models was developed by prominent industry thought leaders in response to the significant challenges facing financial advisors and wealth managers who are trying to accurately measure their success, plan for succession, and improve their bottom line. The foundation of our technology is based on data gleaned from tens of thousands of actual (“blind”) advisor tax returns; state of the art Key Performance Indicators; and multiple Investment Banking formulas. The results: Data that Matters™, data you can trust.  For example:

Business Stability Scorecard

Our Business Stability scorecard reflects the structure and operations of your firm. A stable business is not likely to fall when faced with the loss of any one person, client, or business process. Although there are many factors to consider in this section, many of them are directly under your control.

Client Stability Scorecard

Our Client Stability scorecard reflects the demographics and turnover of your client base. It is important to have a diversified client base, frequent interactions with your clients, and to build relationships with the next generation of wealth.

Market Stability Scorecard

Our Market Stability scorecard reflects the amount of market risk inherent in your revenue streams. Risk here is not necessarily a bad thing - exposure to the market can generate growth in good times. However, you should look to have diverse revenues that can be stable in hard times.


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Benchmarks ...

Have you ever wondered how you stacked up against your peers? How about against the market at large? Maybe you are the competitive type, always looking for ways to be the best in the industry. Regardless of what drives you, you will be happy to know that Truelytics is now offering benchmarking.

We have taken the massive amount of data we collect across all of our members and have produced some data science magic! You can benchmark against your peers (those within +/- 25% of your AUM) and the market at large (our entire data set):

Firm-Level Benchmarks (Independent Advisory Firms)
Filter against peers (those within +/- 25% of your AUM) and the market at large (our entire data set):

Truelytics Scores & Valuations
Business, Client, and Market Stability Scorecards
Client Details
Revenue Details
Enterprise-Level Benchmarks (IBDs, Asset Managers, Custodians, OSJs, Large RIAs)
Filter by AUM, Revenue, # of Households, Specific Firm Name, Tags

Corporate Structure
Client Details
Risk (Continuity Plans, Succession Plans, etc.)
Tech Stack
Revenue Details
Business Performance

Enterprise Benchmarks


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Marketing | Recruiting | Finance

With TrueRecruit, we seek to help enterprises identify prospects, standardize the information collection process, and leverage data to inform offers.


Recruiting & Finance

Offers portable iFrame of Truelytics' preEVAL for top of the funnel lead-generation

Offers data-driven process for recruit intake and opportunity analysis





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Succession Planning

Ensure firms have all of their continuity assets in one secure location. 

Emergency Continuity Contact Database
Secure Continuity Agreement Data Vault
Tech Platform Details
Online Action Plan and Automated Workflow



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Succession Planning

Support advisors planning succession or growth through M&A to find perfect opportunities.

Private Marketplace for Enterprises
Secure and Anonymous Public Profile
Algorithmic Matching
Advanced Search
Private In-App Messaging

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What our clients say ...

Provides us with a thorough report to assess an advisors business.

Sean Bergin

Ironview Capital

There is nothing like it in the marketplace.

Kevin Supka

LPL Financial

The most valuable time I have spent in business.

Elizabeth Whitlock

Wells Fargo FiNet